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7 Torresdale Court, TOORAK

7 Torresdale Court, TOORAK

BOUGHT* - $5,620,000
Nestled in the back corner of this Toorak court was the property under the hammer at this midday auction. The crowd was nicely distributed, meaning auctioneer Warwick Anderson could swing his head around to scan the crowd for the next bid and/or bidder. Giving a brief overview of the property on offer, including its historical beginnings, Mr Anderson soon called for an opening bid. The first bidder of the auction offered an even $4,000,000. “Well it’s a bit low but I’ll take it anyway”, Mr Anderson remarked, followed by, “I can’t be here for the next couple hours so I’ll bump it up”, and introduced a vendor bid of $4,800,000. Asking for raises of $25,000, the second bidder offered $20,000 which was accepted. There was a lull in proceedings and so Mr Anderson retreated indoors. Upon his return, a bidding war erupted. Bidders 1 and 2 were giving it everything they had. Mr Anderson certainly had an arm workout today, swinging his arms back and forth between bidders. The property reached $5,400,000 before one bidder asked if it was on the market. Mr Anderson checked and returned with the words every invested bidder loves to hear, “on the market”. Another fast round of bidding took place and pushed the property up to $5,620,000. At this point, Bidder 2 bowed out, allowing Bidder 1 to snatch the keys and become the recipient of a round of applause when Mr Anderson announced the property as “Sold!”
Saturday 24 November 2018, 12:00 PM
Warwick Anderson, RT Edgar
Warwick Anderson, RT Edgar - Toorak
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