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30 Alfred Street, KEW

30 Alfred Street, KEW

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Opened umbrellas lined the drive while those without stood inside the garage. Scott Patterson urged potential buyers who had spoken to the banks, requested contracts and shown an interest to put up their hands. One did. After a vendor opening at $3,500,000 Bidder 1 added $10,000. An additional $10,000 for the vendor was placed and sat for a time when nobody else sought to raise it. The original bidder eventually opted for another $10,000 and there it passed in. Bought after auction.
Scott Patterson, Kay & Burton - Hawthorn
Scott Patterson, Kay & Burton - Hawthorn
$3,500,000(Vendor Bid)
After Auction

Randall Smith
It's passed the first impressions test. Has it passed the gut test, the sleep test, the values test and the James Value and Negotiate test?
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