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Up to $200,000 to reduce Melbourne Homelessness increases in 2020

In 2020 we at are matching $ for $ your donation to reduce Melbourne Homelessness.

Quick Facts

  • Melbourne census figures continue to show increases in our Melbourne Homeless population. Now over 25,000
  • 40% are caused by lack of housing and 40% are our young under 25
  • From on the streets, to boarding houses to couch surfing it’s a significant problem.

However, there are partial solutions in place and you can help.

  • There will always be a certain level of homelessness in any modern society through say mental illness
  • There are some incredible organisations like the Salvo’s, Welsey Mission and Launch Housing (formerly Hanover). As well many businesses are getting behind reducing this problem as much as we can.
  • At Marshall White, our main focus (since 2006) has been to help minimise the “preventable homeless” by supporting targetted help to those in temporary crisis.

your one dollar to two.

Yes, leverage your donation to be two for one and its tax-deductible AND 100% (actually 200%) goes directly to homeless prevention in your area. That’s right many of Melbourne’s homeless may  “live” within a few hundred metres of your daily routine.

Maria’s story


Maria (42) is a single mother who has lived in private rental

with her 16 year old son for many years. Maria was in paid

work, but she lost her job in December 2018. With a sudden

change in her income, she found it very challenging to keep

up with rental payments and fell into rent arrears.

Support provided

Maria approached Launch Housing for support. She was

referred to the Homelessness Prevention Private Rental

Support Program to help her maintain her tenancy while she

looked for new work. Launch Housing advocated on Maria’s

behalf with her real estate agent, who agreed to be lenient

given our involvement. A total of $2,767 was provided through

this program.


We are very pleased to advise that this intervention enabled

Maria to maintain her tenancy, providing vital support during

a stressful and challenging time for the family. This outcome

would not have been possible without your support. Thank you!


Here’s how your leveraged dollar works

  • You donate here $100 and Marshal White Foundation will match* your $100.
  • $200 is then given to the Launch Housing Private Rental program.
  • On average $2,000 potentially keeps a family off the streets and $200,000 (our aim) would help minimise a lot of our Melbourne homelessness increase. You can see a result above and we’ve been involved since 2006. It works!

Marshall White Foundation

  • It’s not about us, it’s about helping effectively and with “streetsmarts”.    Set up by directors, staff and clients of Marshall White to do something short and long term for those in our community in need. We now have a base of over $1.
  • Short term we fund directly ways to help NOW people in our community.
  • Long term we are building an in-perpetuity fund that will go helping those that do great work, well beyond our lifetime.

*At this stage, the Marshall White Foundation has committed $100,000 in 2020

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