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And finally Telstra reported that a number of selling agents were returning calls to buyers…..

Both Gerald Delany and Mal James believe that Collingwood is on track to win the 2017 AFL premiership

Gerald Delany believes that is on track to win the 2017 AFL premiership.

It’s James Market News Lite on this special day, today.

Today it was hard to believe what we saw, all over the  auction scene.

It was incredible.

Overseas bidders from China were not actually putting offers in on homes, without FIRB approval and a number of negative gearing buyers who owned between 10 and 20 homes, had decided to boycott the lower end, as they felt it was better to let young homebuyers duke it out.

And on the subject of Young Homebuyers, it was great to get the news last night, that Bill Shorten and Malcolm Turnbull had dropped their bows and arrows – deciding to work together in a bi-partisan way to help young people get into their own homes.

Mr Shorten and Mr Turnbull said in a joint statement and I quote “We are here to help those less well off in our community and the future of our nation rests on the example we set and how we treat our young people.” It was great news.

Back on the Inner East and auction scene today.


Glen Coutinho promised today that he would not be involved in any more social media stunts

Glen Coutinho suggested today that he would not be involved in any more social media stunts.

The A, B, C, D and F grade homes that sold today, were all within the selling agents quoted price range and all auctioneers were encouraging buyers to be balanced in their decision making on how much to spend.

A number of sellers were looking around at other recent homes and accepting that perhaps their abode was not quite as good as their neighbour’s; and were understanding and happy with the lower prices they received.

It was great stuff.

and agents were working together on a number of homes and were very complimentary of the work each other was doing.

In some more breaking news and agents were acknowledging to buyers, that the properties they had for sale were not the greatest and had some faults.

The and Consumer Affairs put out a joint statement recognising that buyer advocates actually exist and can help buyers with the buying process.

And WOW some buyers were actually getting independent help instead of going to auction after auction, losing, complaining and then going to another auction, expecting they were born with god given knowledge on how to spend $4m wisely with no experience against match hardened selling agents. It was great to see these changes in thoughts today.

Buyers were very complimentary about selling agents on all occasions today.

And themselves were actually acknowledging, that their profession is not one of immediate gratification for themselves – that they have a role to play in really understanding what a buyer wants and fighting to get it and in fact, some of them actually walked away from deals today as the price was too high.

and Buxton agents were suggesting each other’s properties to help some buyers they couldn’t satisfy, after they had sold their own stock.

A number of agents and advocates reported that their senior agents decided to share commissions internally, to engender a spirit of teamwork with the younger ones.

And finally, Telstra reported that selling agents were returning calls to buyers who actually didn’t have a house to sell, because they said, they felt it was in the best interests of their current client.

A simply amazing day on the Inner Melbourne Auction scene, this April the First.

In further breaking news Mal James vowed to stop looking for cheap publicity – no, that must be fake news.

In breaking news Mal James at today’s Miller Street Kew auction, stated that he dressed as he did to lower his public profile.

James Buyer Advocates Market News returns in three weeks.

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