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12 Dunlop Avenue, KEW

12 Dunlop Avenue, KEW

After Auction
BOUGHT* - $2,690,000
Six kilometres from the CBD, a good-sized crowd assembled outside this modernist house. A crowd bid of $2,000,000 opened the auction, and three bidders moved along in an assortment of bid sizes. With the price at $2,500,000 two bidders continued on, bidder one offering $40,000 rises, bidder two adding $10,000 more. At $2,670,000, bidding halted and Mr Ding turned on his heels and was just about to head inside and refer the price when a last moment $10,000 rise emerged from bidder two. A quick response from bidder one, another $10,000, finally snuffed out bidder two. Now at $2,690,000 the bid was referred. Back on centre stage, Mr Ding announces that ‘We are awfully, awfully close', and this received a couple of guffaws from the crowd, but no further bids. Bought after auction.
Saturday 15 September 2012, 1:30pm
Robert Ding, Marshall White
Stephen Gough, Marshall White
After Auction

Randall Smith
You're at a dinner party and suddenly you feel you're the elephant in the room. Nobody, but nobody can believe the price you paid.
James Buyer Advocates.
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