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5 Urquhart Street, HAWTHORN

5 Urquhart Street, HAWTHORN

Under Hammer
BOUGHT* - $2,170,000
Bang! $1,860,000 was the opening crowd bid, a split second after auctioneer Antony Woodley’s elegant preamble was over. Bidder two, and Bidder three quickly joined the ranks. Mr Woodley had described the home as being located in ‘the hub, the heart’ of Hawthorn, and bidders showed plenty of ticker as they pushed the price on passed $2,100,000. Three new bidders jumped in at various intervals, as earlier bidders called it quits. The sound of a helicopter interrupted proceedings, but Mr Woodley didn’t miss a beat, as he checked on the emotional state of one strong bidder, ‘You’re looking relaxed’, he noted. ‘I am. It’s a lovely day’, came her reply. Another bidder was engaged with, ‘Don’t shake your head that way. You’ll need to look for another home’, was the advice, and this prompted another cheeky response, ‘Yes … and there is one around the corner in Lyall!’. At $2,115,000, listing agent Kathy Malcolm had to remind Mr Woodley the property was now on the market. A couple of bidders were encouraged to push harder, and they do oblige a little, until the fall of the hammer at $2,170,000.
Saturday 1 December 2012, 12:30pm
Antony Woodley, Marshall White
Kathy Malcolm, Marshall White
$1,700,000 - $1,800,000
Under Hammer

Randall Smith
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