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37 Lingwell Road, HAWTHORN EAST

37 Lingwell Road, HAWTHORN EAST

After Auction
BOUGHT* - $1,500,000
Around 70 here to attend the auction of 37 Lingwell Road and I know it is often the case, but it felt to me like all apart from 10 of them were neighbours. There is good street feel here, I mused and the locals will be keen to see what eventuates, hopeful it falls to a party in line with 'sympathetic redevelopment'. Auctioneer Richard Earle and listing agent Richard Winneke put on their usual no-nonsense, polished display and looked for an opening bid of $1,400,000 and when no one from the crowd was forthcoming, announced this as a vendor bid and a "good place to start business". Nothing happened for a while so a further $20,000 vendor bid was announced. Still nothing from the crowd, so the half-time break taken; this time consulting the vendor in the front driveway - hadn't seen that for some time! One bidder did offer a $5,000 rise which was taken, then almost at the death of the auction bidder 2 joined in with a $5,000 advance. Bidding limped along and eventually drew to a halt with bidder 2 in the lead and taken inside for further negotiations. Bought after for $1,500,000.
Saturday 1 December 2012, 10:00am
Richard Earle, Jellis Craig
Richard Winneke, Jellis Craig
$1,400,000(Vendor Bid)
After Auction

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