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132 Finch Street, MALVERN EAST

132 Finch Street, MALVERN EAST

Under Hammer
BOUGHT* - Undisclosed
If anybody knows how to run an auction in Finch St it would be the “Queen of Gascoigne” Rae Tomlinson and she had the ugly sister Justin Long along as her sidekick. Actually that’s unfair – he is not her sidekick. The crowd of around 85 was here to either bid or see just how strong the single level townhouse market is in 2013, bearing in mind late 2012 it was red hot. And so with an opening bid from Bidder 1 of $1,500,000 we were away. Bidder 2 responded and quickly we were to the reserve of $1,650,000 in various amounts and then to $1,700,000. Justin worked the crowd well as he always does and Bidder 3 arrived near the death around $1,750,000 at which point it was sold just after to Bidder 1. Super competitive auction as expected – well run campaign as expected and fairly put on the market when the bidder numbers were there – can’t ask for more than that, be you a buyer or seller.
Saturday 23 March 2013, 11:30pm
Justin Long, Marshall White
Rae Tomlinson, Marshall White
Under Hammer

Gina Kantzas
Homes for life. Simple yes. Easy no. Put a $million or more in your future pocket.
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