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22 Chrystobel Crescent, HAWTHORN

22 Chrystobel Crescent, HAWTHORN

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There is some energy here. A big crowd and with bidders coming in and out of play. Opening at $3,200,000 the rises came in $25,000 increments until soon put on hold at the half-time break. Although it was hardly half time - the auction had only just begun. At the restart, potential bidder number 3 was asking if the home was on the market and it was once he offered a bid of $3,340,000. Now bids were in 20s and it continued with some pauses. A firm bid rounded up to $3,600,000. At $3,625,000 a small voice called out 'Will you take five?' 'No, twenty!' came the firm response from James Tostevin. More pauses between bids, not that it was slow going, deliberate decisions were being made. Slow going for the kids in the crowd though whose patience was wearing thin and they became more vocal the longer the battle went on. At $3,660,000 the voice rang out again, 'Take one?' 'Nah. This is becoming comical', Mr Tostevin was adding commentary now. Eventually fives were allowed, even some twos, then a strong bid to round $3,700,000 by an early bidder still didn't secure them the home. A few bids later Bidder 3 was looking strongest and when the underbidder walked the battle was over.
Saturday 19 November 2016, 11:30 AM
James Tostevin, Marshall White - Hawthorn
Jack Stean, Marshall White - Hawthorn
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