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57 Tivoli Road, SOUTH YARRA

57 Tivoli Road, SOUTH YARRA

Passed In
PASSED IN - $3,305,000
It was softly, softly for two bidders here. An opening crowd bid of $3 million and then a vendor referral indoors and a vendor bid at the restart to $3.2 million to move things along. Bidder 2 appeared at $3,220,000 and it was cautious in 5, 10 and one $12.5 thousand bid from there on. Another referral was made at $3,265,000 and then it was in $5000s as the figure crossed $3,300,000. The property was about to be called down and passed in by auctioneer Jeremy Fox to a couple (Bidder 2) before Bidder 1 pipped him with a final $5000. Passed in for negotiations.
Saturday 9 September 2017, 11:00 AM
Jeremy Fox, RT Edgar - Toorak
Jeremy Fox, RT Edgar - Toorak
$3,600,000 - $3,960,000
Passed In

Randall Smith
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