6 Bagley Street, BRIGHTON

6 Bagley Street, BRIGHTON

BOUGHT* - $4,220,000
The winter sun is out in full force at Bagley Street, Brighton today, and David Hart has to shade his face to look at the quite large crowd spread out along the fence of the large property opposite. He keeps it brief and calls for a start anywhere, but keen to get under way decides to place the initial stake at $3,800,000 calling for $50,000 bids. There's one - and he's away. There's a bit of a long pause and one of the Buxton staff alerts him to another bidder which he can't see in the brilliant light. So, it's $3,900,000 and Bidders 1 and 2 trade back and forward to $4,050,000. Then there's a bit of a lull before they start again, and we're at $4,200,000, still in $50,000 bids. Bidder 1 shakes his head, Mr Hart passes the property in and Bidder 2 is ushered inside for negotiations. The property is bought afterward for $4,220,000.
Saturday 12 May 2018, 11:30 AM
David Hart, Buxton - Brighton
David Hart, Buxton - Brighton
$3,800,000(Vendor Bid)
After Auction

Catherine Ross
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