1 Finhaven Court, KEW

1 Finhaven Court, KEW

BOUGHT* - $3,050,000
There was no messing around at this auction today. Scott Patterson got us underway and when he asked for crowd participation he was met with an opening bid of $2,400,000. A few moments later Bidder 2 came in with a rise of $25.000. Bidder 1 made an immediate large jump straight to $2,500,000 and Bidder 2 responded with another $25,000. Bidder 1 jumped again to $2,600,000 and was met with Bidder 2's smaller bid. Again, we saw Bidder 1 make a large jump to $2,700,000 then with Bidder 2 responding with a rise of $10,000. Bidder 1 wasn't deviating from their plan and again rose the bid to $2,800,000 which was when Mr Patterson announced we were on the market. Bidder 2 came in again, followed by a new Bidder at $2,850,000. The battle was then between Bidder 1 and 3. Back and forth the bids came in small increments. Bidder 3 was taking long pauses whilst Bidder 1 came back quickly each time. Bidder 3 looked to be out and made one last bid, but again Bidder 1 came right back. With no further competition the property was sold to Bidder 1 with a collective sign heard throughout the crowd.
Saturday 12 May 2018, 1:30 PM
Scott Patterson, Kay & Burton - Hawthorn
Scott Patterson, Kay & Burton - Hawthorn
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