48 Roseberry Street, HAWTHORN EAST

48 Roseberry Street, HAWTHORN EAST

BOUGHT* - $1,885,000
The rain stopped just in time for the crowd to move from inside the property to out on the street. Andrew Gibbons commenced the auction with a vendor bid of $1,600,000 after the crowd initially stayed quiet. Bidder 1 came in fairly quickly with a $10,000 rise followed by Bidder 2 with the same. A few quick bids back and forth saw Bidder 3 come in only a moment later at $1,690,000. Bids were then made by all three bidders until we stalled at $1,735,000 when a break was taken inside. Upon return Bidder 2 came in first, followed by Bidder 1 and we were on the market and selling. This triggered a barrage of bids and soon to everyone's surprise Bidder 4 joined in around $1,780,000. Bidder 2 responded immediately and back and forth the bids came between the two. Bidder 4 soon was making long pauses between bids and after a moment made one last try only for Bidder 2 to continue to respond immediately. With no further competition the property was bought by Bidder 2.
Saturday 12 May 2018, 2:30 PM
Andrew Gibbons, Marshall White - Boroondara
Nick Ptak, Marshall White - Boroondara
$1,600,000(Vendor Bid)
Under Hammer

Rhianna Hoyle
Boardroom auctions. If you've won 16 from 18 would you call that luck.
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