10A Deakin Street, ST KILDA WEST

10A Deakin Street, ST KILDA WEST

BOUGHT* - $2,310,000
The rain isn’t always a bad omen… that’s just Melbourne weather for you. Auctioneer Danielle Martin was full of vigour this afternoon and was ready to get this property off the market. As Ms Martin noted, the property fulfilled her three P’s – Property, Position, and Price. Calling for an opening bid, the first bidder offered $1,800,000. While this was accepted, Ms Martin quickly made a vendor bid of $1,850,000. Asking for rises of $50,000, the property reached $2,050,000, when Ms Martin commented, “This is where we should’ve started!” Never mind, three bidders were fighting for the keys before Ms Martin retreated indoors to confer with the vendors at $2,280,000. Upon her return, Ms Martin announced that the property was on the market. Eventually, Bidder 3 snatched the keys away from Bidders 1 and 2 and the property was bought at $2,310,000. Happy tears and hugs all round.
Saturday 12 May 2018, 1:30 PM
Danielle Martin, R T Edgar - Brighton
Jack Broadhead, R T Edgar - Brighton
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Bridget Agnoleto
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