23 Iris Road, GLEN IRIS

23 Iris Road, GLEN IRIS

BOUGHT* - $2,302,000
Andrew James was at the helm of today’s auction. After his introduction there was a pause of silence from the crowd when it was time for the bidding to begin. Shortly after, Bidder 1 opened with an even $2,000,000. Bidder 2 came in a moment later with a smaller rise than was requested, but with some encouragement from Mr James, they soon offered $25,000. Bidder 1 responded immediately and back and forth the bids came. Flying past $2,100,000, the increments changed slightly between bids and at $2,200,000 it was announced that we were selling. Soon the bids dropped to $10,000 rises and Bidder 2 made some strong jumps. Bidder 1 responded quickly whist Bidder 2 took some thinking time between each bid, but soon made a jump to $2,300,000 with Bidder 1 responding with $1,000. After indicating they had stopped, Bidder 2 came back with $500 and then Bidder 1 reflected the same and subsequently bought the property.
Saturday 19 May 2018, 10:30 AM
Andrew James, Hocking Stuart - (Armadale) Pty Ltd
Andrew James, Hocking Stuart - (Armadale) Pty Ltd
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