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19 Adelaide Street, ARMADALE

19 Adelaide Street, ARMADALE

BOUGHT* - $5,678,500
Rather than jostle between parked cars on the street, auctioneer Justin Long conducted this auction in the jasmine scented side courtyard. Getting straight down to business, Mr Long opened with a vendor bid of $5,300,000 and asked for bids of $50,000. After a period of silence from the crowd, Mr Long began to count the property down to pass it in, when Bidder 1 stepped forward. Again with no further bids, It took another count down from Mr Long before Bidder 2 offered $25,000. Mr Long suggested the long breaks may have dramatic effect, but were not necessary. Bidders 1 and 2 then took the bidding to $5,575,000 and Bidder 1 asked if the property was yet on the market. Mr Long replied that it was not yet on the market, but getting close. The two bidders continued slowly, with bids now at $5,000. A gentleman from the crowd interjected a few times to ask if the property was yet on the market but made no bids. At $5,625,000, Mr Long took a break to consult the vendor, soon returning to announce that the property was on the market. With a few quick bids, between the two bidders, the price climbed to $5,665,000 and Bidder 2 was out. As Mr Long began to count the property down to Bidder 1, a third bidder joined in. Bids were now between $2,500 and $5000 and Mr Long declared he was needing all his maths skills. Bidder 1 maintained his resolve and held on, purchasing the home for $5,678,500.
Saturday 24 November 2018, 12:30 PM
Justin Long, Marshall White - Stonnington
Joanna Nairn, Marshall White - Stonnington
$5,300,000(Vendor Bid)
Under Hammer

Kathy Russell
Inner Melbourne 2000-2014, one couple bought for $500,000 and sold for $576,000, another bought for $493,000 and sold for $1,500,000.
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