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29 Duke Street, PRAHRAN

29 Duke Street, PRAHRAN

After Auction
BOUGHT* RANGE - $1,570,800 - $1,750,650
The crowd was busy seeking the small patches of shade as auctioneer Andrew James emerged from the property on offer. Enthusiastic and rearing to go, Mr James called for an opening bid and waited little time in receiving one from the first of two bidders. At $1,600,000, Mr James called for advances of $10,000. All was quiet. Mr James retreated indoors and emerged soon thereafter. An advance of $5,000 was made by the second bidder of the auction. A short and sweet round of bidding took place, pushing the property up to $1,630,000. At this point, the first bidder was in the front seat, and the second bidder did not confirm nor deny whether he wanted to steal the front seat. As such, Mr James passed in the property at this amount. The property was bought after auction at an undisclosed amount.
Saturday 23 March 2019, 1:30 PM
Andrew James, Hocking Stuart - (Armadale) Pty Ltd
Andrew James, Hocking Stuart - (Armadale) Pty Ltd
$1,605,000 - $1,650,000
After Auction

Bridget Agnoleto
What's the difference between a truth and a lie. About $250,000.
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