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4 Embling Road, MALVERN

4 Embling Road, MALVERN

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The rain had vanished and the sun took its place, ensuring that the crowd were suitably steaming. Auctioneer Justin Long, with his trusty silver hammer in hand, began his peppy spiel and paid homage to the “good neighbours”, which received an enthusiastic, “Yay!” from said neighbours. Mr Long opened the bidding with a vendor bid of $4,400,000. Calling for raises of $25,000, things were looking grim with no movement from the crowd. Mr Long remarked that he could hear the disappointment and broken hearts from the interested parties who were present. This comment must have kicked things into gear because a bidder offered $5,000, which immediately encouraged Bidder 2 to offer the full $25,000, which Mr Long then accepted. The proceedings were starting to match the heat radiating from the sun. Three bidders were competing until the bidding began to slow. At $4,640,000, Mr Long had a long break, pardon the pun, and returned with the news that he would be passing in the property if no further bids were made. This happened to be the case and the property was passed in at this amount.
Saturday 23 March 2019, 11:30 AM
Justin Long, Marshall White - Stonnington
Madeline Kennedy, Marshall White - Stonnington
$4,400,000(Vendor Bid)
After Auction

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