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14 Royal Avenue, SANDRINGHAM

14 Royal Avenue, SANDRINGHAM

BOUGHT* - $1,587,000
The numbers don't tell the true story today, although there's three bidders among the 40 something small crowd in the back room of 14 Royal Avenue, Sandringham. Mark Earle gives his preamble, asks for bids, there's a long silence, and it seems to be going the way of all my auctions today. There's a vendor bid tabled of $1,400,000, and then a second vendor bid of $1,450,000. But surprisingly, and quite quickly, three bidders enter the fray, and although that sounds exciting, there is long, loooonnnngggg meaningful pauses between bidder groups with Mark Earle telling us he doesn't have an auction now until next Saturday so there's plenty of time. Perhaps it's the heat generating all of this inertia. Bidder 1 adds $10,000 to the second vendor bid of $1,450,000 but Bidder 2 cuts the bid to 45000 and the two of them alternate up to $1,480,000 with much hesitation and requests for smaller bids, which are refused. At $1,480,000 the late Bidder 3 chimes in and he's a bit more lively, but Bidder 2 has dropped away and so it's between Bidders 1 and 3 which now picks up the pace a little. They whip along to $1,550,000 with Bidder 3 holding the bid and Bidder 1 folding his cards. Mark passes the property in at $1,550,000 but all three bidders are hanging around at the end to try and assert themselves as the new owner.
Saturday 23 March 2019, 2:30 PM
Mark Earle, Buxton - Sandringham
Melina Scriva, Buxton - Sandringham
$1,400,000(Vendor Bid)
After Auction

Catherine Ross
Talk a lot, listen little and the deal will be done in no time.
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