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56 Nirvana Avenue, MALVERN EAST

56 Nirvana Avenue, MALVERN EAST

Under Hammer
BOUGHT* - $2,390,000
The crowd gathered in the dappled sunlight, green canopy above. Auctioneer James Tomlinson brightly introduced himself and the team to the medium-sized audience. Mr Tomlinson wasted little time before opening the auction floor with a vendor bid of $2,000,000. Asking for advances of $20,000, Mr Tomlinson had no trouble in enticing two eager bidders to take part in some keen bidding. It was quick and decisive bidding throughout. A short break to confer with the vendors at $2,370,000 allowed Mr Tomlinson to announce the property as on the market. Only two bids came forth at this stage before Mr Tomlinson clapped his hands together and announced the property as bought at $2,390,000.
Saturday 23 November 2019, 11:30 AM
James Tomlinson, Marshall White - Stonnington
Hugh Tomlinson, Marshall White - Stonnington
$2,000,000 - $2,200,000
$2,000,000(Vendor Bid)
Under Hammer

Bridget Agnoleto
Biggest myth in Melbourne. That auctions are won with the most money.
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