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12 Mcilwrick Street, PRAHRAN

12 Mcilwrick Street, PRAHRAN

Under Hammer
BOUGHT* - $2,260,000
Auctioneer Tom McCarthy was quick to finish his spiel about property 12 Mcilwrick Street, Prahran before Bidder 1 placed an opening bid of $1,850,000. Another quick response by Bidder 2, this auction was going to be an exciting one. With back and fourth bids from Bidder 1 and 2, McCarthy didn’t have time to interrupt that the property was on market. With the exit of Bidder 1, a third Bidder joined. Shortly after the property sold under hammer to Bidder 3 for $2,260,000.
Saturday 23 November 2019, 11:00 AM
Tom McCarthy, Biggin & Scott - Prahran
Michael Tynan, Biggin & Scott - Prahran
$1,700,000 - $1,840,000
Under Hammer

Natalie Sullivan
Client had been looking for 2 years with no success. 3 weeks with James and bought.
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