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12 Grange Avenue, CANTERBURY

12 Grange Avenue, CANTERBURY

Passed In
PASSED IN - $4,800,000
Auctioneer Michael Wood opened the show with calls for bids, however only silence ensued, and a vendor bid of $4,800,000 was put forth. Mr Wood called out this figure three times “Now is your time to shine,” however there was still muteness from the 70-strong crowd. The interval came up quickly, however it was over just as quickly. Mr Wood tried to further break the crowd's silence by requesting $50,000 rises. However, it was three strikes then out, and the property passed in on the initial vendor bids.
Saturday 29 February 2020,
Michael Wood, Marshall White - Hawthorn
Michael Wood, Marshall White - Boroondara
$4,800,000(Vendor Bid)
$4,800,000(Vendor Pass)
Passed In

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