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119 Cochrane Street, BRIGHTON

119 Cochrane Street, BRIGHTON

Under Hammer
BOUGHT* - $3,110,000
Auctioneer John Clarkson welcomed the crowd of 50 gathered in the sun. Mr Whiting marveled to the crowd at the “fantastic North Brighton” location. An opening bid was placed swiftly at $2,800,000. This was quickly met by a second bid of $50,000. The bidding continued to move back and forward between the two bidders in until it reached $3,060,000. In which Mr Clarkson consulted the vendor and declared the property on the market. The bidders continued to out bid each other, and the price reached $3,100,000. Bidder 1 placed a $10,000 bid which Bidder 2 was unable to match and declared he was out. Mr Clarkson declared the property sold to the first bidder at $3,110,000.
Saturday 29 February 2020, 1:30 PM
John Clarkson, Buxton - Brighton
Tom Davidson, Buxton - Brighton
$2,700,000 - $2,900,000
Under Hammer

Ellen Russell
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