Everybody wants more, even those of us who want less, want more…………….. of less.


In Melbourne’s Top End whether buying or selling, there are some good mores, like

  • more access,
  • more on price,
  • more options and more clarity.


If you are a seller then you want more buyers and as a buyer, you want more sellers.


More has some real upsides and for 20 years we have been organising these kinds of more.


However, more also has some downside – some obvious like

  • on one side more money and
  • on the other more costs
  • some are hidden like more risk


Not all more is good.


As well, sometimes more time is more and sometimes more time is less; be you a buyer or a seller.


More agents, more advertising, more socials, more of the same; the jury is out or some mores.


One of our favourites buying couples who now live in Hawthorn wanted more and we looked and looked for more at $6m. One day we suggested they look at less, meaning spending less, like $4m and see what new choices it brings. We bought at $4m and happy to discuss their current thoughts on that move and more.


Another great story – was for an Elwood buy and sell couple – less agents, less advertising, less internet and we found the dream home that in their 3 years of searching all agents and the net, they couldn’t find. Then we organised the sale of their home for a price they didn’t believe they could get – no advertising or furniture costs and we matched settlement. Multi-list can be a good more.


Sometimes more is more debt, more stress, more time away from what’s important in life. This is can be the case for doctors and lawyers and other professionals. Sometimes less money means less debt, work less and less stress and more family benefits. So that’s amore (like Dean Martin) for some of our clients.


Sometimes more expenditure can mean more home, more security and more family cohesion. More can be a better investment.


Each to their own more or less.


We like to give you more, more options and more access for buyers and sellers.


We like to talk to you more about price and how it relates to your value(s) and


We like to suggest more fresh ideas like multi-list when selling and away from markets when buying.


More is a great thing, especially when its less and equally, less is a joy when it gives you more.


With experience and the right people, you can have more cake and eat it too.


And why not!


Mal and Gina and Simone and Kathy and Randall and Phoebe and Mads