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  • To be carried out by Selian doctors 
  • For the poorest of poor children

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Selian Child Surgeries

Lobikieki Sabaya Mediri I go found him a village with huge mass into foot. I took him to the hospital then he had surgery of removing the mass but the leg didn’t heel continues bleeding. With while their waiting for the result of the specimen they took during surgery They found it was cancer so the Dr decided to ambutate the leg. And after amputations the leg heel very well that is the time the Dr oder the prosthesis for boy when he get a prosthesis he can walk like other people from one place to another and also he can go to school like other people. I took them to USA river measures already taken and the cost is 1,100,000/=Tsh Letion

Bernad Korgodi. F 6yrs Diagnosis Genu valgus. From Magara

Ibrahim Petro Shambani he has short leg because of he affected with oestiomylitis I took him to the hospital the Dr saw and he suggested to have surgery when he get to 16 yrs and now he has 8yrs but after the Dr saw the exray he suggest the kid to get prosthesis because he has pain at the back and the rips started to bend which which will affect for his future and he get surgery he can’t going well he suggest to use it before It help him not get pain while he going to school measurement also done at usa it help not to get pain while he walking and also for school

@ Selian Hospital

Selian is a 170 staff, 100 bed general Level 2 hospital in Tanzania, near the Serengeti and Mt Kilimanjaro. It begun in the 1950’s.


Selian covers General Surgery, Orthopedics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics and Internal medicine and has an OT and Physio Department, on site Chemist, Dental, Pathology and Ultrasound.


9 local surgeons perform over 1000 basic surgeries a year with some help from overseas surgeons, the most common surgeries are hernia repair, laparotomy for intestinal obstruction, tonsillectomy, nasal polyp’s cauterization, burn contracture release, cleft lip and palate repair.


Three years ago, Selian doctors and staff wanted to do more for the poorest of the poor children through low cost donated surgeries for children with fixable disabilities.


From a donor’s point of view Selian is very transparent, timely and human in their reporting back to donors. You really don’t feel like you are number or a burden; you actually feel like you are really helping Selian make a big difference for not much in many children’s lives and the video, pictures, WhatsApp reports are great to look at, are verified and good value for your money.


We have never had a problem with trust, with lack of accountability, with verifying anything really. We love Selian, those that work at Selian and everything they do for the children.

Simone is a Selian Donor

Simone & Dr Elibariki talk to each other every few months

My name is Simone Clarke from Melbourne Australia – I have been to Selian Hospital in Arusha Tanzania and seen what they do and how they change people’s lives. My company has been there five times and pays for 10 surgeries a month. A surgery costs are around $500USD for simple surgeries.


I love the reports we get – it connects me to the child and and doctor and gives me confidence my money is being well spent and as I have been there, I know it is. The money we put in has a real multiplier effect. Helps the child, improves medical care in Africa as the doctors do more work, employs staff, puts money into other services for food and prosthetics and drivers and education, which ultimately builds wealth more money into very poor communities. It’s smart.

Donor Reports

Rooty Before

Rooty After

My name is Rooty, I’m 32 yrs old. I’m the mother of two kids. I have a problem on my left leg which was amputated right after my birth. I am born with the problem of club feet and grew up to 16 yrs  were I was taken to the hospital for the surgery of both legs and but one was corrected well the other one got infected as a result my doctor decided to cut it off, from that time I survived with cratch and in 2015 I met with Selian decided and they to help me get prosthetic.


My life changed from there because I’ve thrown away my crutch and started walking like other people without crutch, and the other thing apart from that continued following me up and see is there any problem and in 2019 my prothestic broke. They helped me get another one I would like to thank you all, Selian, for following me up and make sure all the time I can’t go back to use crutch and made me walk like others. Thank God bless you for your support Selian

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First Time Donor

It does take some patience the first time. Second time donating to Selian Child Surgery Program is easy and a wonderful experience


(From Mal an Australian Donor)


100% of the money goes to Selian in their child surgery work because


100% of your money (less $12USD African bank fee) goes straight into Selian’s bank account


A receipt will be sent (if you fill in your email address on the form below).




We in Australia have been sending money for years.


Sometimes money is held up by our banks as they check rules on money laundering, anti-terrorism – we can help you if an issue.


However, we have never lost any money, never been scammed, and never had our private details shared.




In Africa many people do not have identities as we do, many do not have bank accounts and money transfers are often very difficult and incredibly expensive. So, we can’t easily send the money direct to a family in need.




No Medical Insurance for really poor.


Incomes are also very low at $100 to $200 per month for many families.


Just think, a child breaks a leg – no insurance and even if the family had spare money, it would take years to save and that presents many additional medical problems to the child and financial problems for the family. Somebody has to look after the child and then cannot work.


A simple solution is for you to pay, to reset the leg at Selian, and the child’s and family’s life is transformed.


Selian surgeons are local, experienced and qualified, and the simpler surgeries are very low cost and done well.


That is why the children that Selian helps, need your support




We / you get good reports from Selian. Receipts, Videos, Pics (if you want)

It is very rewarding to get the Selian monthly reports in about child surgeries.


You will get a buzz seeing the change in children and you can talk or text to Selian on WhatsApp – or Zoom.


Fill in your details on the form – your privacy will be respected. We have never had issues.




If nervous send a small amount say $20USD to test the system. But please start – if you don’t help, then in Africa nobody else can or will.


Talk to me, Mal James if you wish. I am not a fundraiser and I receive no money from Selian.


I am a long term donor.  Google me for proof if you wish, I am a real estate agent in Melbourne Australia. Mal James – mal@james.net.au – see our website www.marketnews.com.au/selian or ring me +61408107988




You won’t find it – there are cultural, language, education issues and sometimes things get mixed up – but there are good intentions and, in the end, if you persist YOU WILL MAKE A REAL DIFFERENCE. If you don’t try or give up, then you won’t. It’s simple – it’s up to you.




$500USD covers one surgery a month or a quarter or a year. $500USD or $650AUD or $420EUR


$500USD changes a child’s life.


Why not start with one and see if Selian does what they say they will.


Giving money to African children and families this way may not be tax deductible.


But: For us it’s not about a tax deduction, it is about helping a child.


But: You will get a lot better value here and a lot more meaning than giving lots more to a big charity and not seeing where your money ends up, but you get a tax deduction.


AND: Selian Hospital has been around since 1954 in Africa carrying out these surgeries, this is not a feel good, marketing idea that doesn’t work. It’s feel good and it works.



BANK STEPS to Donate (Australia)


  1. Go to Overseas Section on Your Bank Website


  1. Country: Tanzania




  1. Account Number: 9120000970601


  1. Account Name: Selian Lutheran Hospital


  1. Physical Address: Selian Lutheran Hospital Ngaramtoni Tanzania


  1. Amount in USD google exchange rates, or your bank will do it for you. Add about $12USD as that is what is deducted by bank at other end


  1. In additional details please say who it’s for and your name



  1. Go to Contact form below and tell Dr Amon at Selian you have sent money please


  1. Any problems talk to Lightness at Selian lightnessmboya65@gmail.com


  1. If you want to know more from an Australian donor simone@james.net.au


  1. Selian Postal Address: SELIAN HOSPITAL: P.O. BOX 3164 ARUSHA TANZANIA

Real People

WhatsApp Zoom Email

Selian Director

Dr Amon Marti

+255 736 502 376



Jambo, that is welcome in Swahili


If you are thinking of helping the children of the Serengeti, of Kilimanjaro or Arusha, of Maasai or Chugga, of Christian, Muslim, of any faith, then I thank you.


It’s a simple equation in Africa – no shortage of children needing basic surgery help for broken bones, tonsils, bowlegs, club feet and many other fixable child surgeries. If you can’t help a particular child then probably nobody can or will. It may be confronting but its an African truth – demand of need is unlimited, and supply of help is low.


So thank you for considering.


We don’t have a big marketing department, in fact we don’t have one at all. So, any queries you may have please email or WhatsApp me and I will try and answer you within 72 hours.


If you would like to start – then perhaps $500USD for a child surgery would be a really good start. For that you will get reports and pictures and a thank you and you will know where all your money has gone.


Asante that is Swahili for thank you


Dr Amon Marti

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Child Safety


Baraka Omari Issa is a 17-year-old from Simon One. I received him with a urinary incontinence in two places where technically they are called hypospadius, a urinary problem and dire painful that he had for a long time. He couldn’t even associate with his fellow students due to bad urine odour from his body which made him feel isolated. After a preliminary examination at Selian Lutheran Hospital, he was diagnosed with hypospadius where he was referred to a specialist doctor (urology) at Kcmc. We took him to kcmc and he underwent surgical treatment and now he is completely recovered and mixes with his classmates and goes to school freely. Thank you very much Selian for helping me and changing my life. I am now very happy.

God bless Selian hospital and Kcmc doctors and nurses whom you have been involved in getting me where I am now by making me feel valued in my life.