When you refer work: some or all of our fee (depending on scope) is allocated to Melbourne Homeless, Child Surgeries & Other Charities. 2022 – approximately 10% of our turnover went there – Verifiable on tax return. No on-costs. 5 visits to Sub Sahara Africa (own costs).


Life changing child surgeries when no other option due to extreme poverty is available • Child has broken her leg (it doesn’t get fixed without $) • Goal is to fix (for child) safely (improved medicine) and locally (income multipliers) • Measure: Happy in her village again.


In family violence, in our lucky Melbourne, women and children slip through the cracks and things snowball, when a small intervention could have altered the course. Since 2006, over $300,000, over 250 families you have funded via Launch and the Parachute Fund.

Doncaster: A 20 year supporter, client and referrer brought us a proposition where we helped a couple sell without bank finance and downsize. Our role was strategy, agent selection and negotiation. In this case fees of $24,561 donated in full. Thank you Sue, Ian, Zoe & Tony

Rahman can now eat
Lob will now live
Magda can now run
9 surgeries monthly
$ 0
$ 0
2021 & 2021/2022

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