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Snakes n Ladders

It’s not really snakes and ladders if you follow a relatively simple process and use checklists that are proven to work.

All the questions and answers we put into checklists called Home Ratings which we used in all examples above. However, if we had of headed this article “Checklists and Processes” – you wouldn’t have read it – it’s too boring.

However, boring works for us in buying well brilliantly.

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First Time

Now is a perfect time to buy well. Be it your first home, your next home or your last home. It is simple, but seemingly not easy.

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91 percent

Feels as hot as 2016 and maybe even 2015. 

Demand and heat has been building since Lockdown 2 ended October of last year.

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Respond v React

1) A number of homes are selling before auction and well above the quote, a sure sign there is more buyers than sellers and the market feels good to Easter and in fact beyond that.

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