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Against All Odds

As we go into the July Winter turndown (not lockdown) if anything, the kicking March market feels like it is kicking again after an ever so slight lull in April/May.

G’day there are many positive buyer stories out there right now – many.

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True Pivot

When the proverbial hits the fan as it did here and often does when the prize is so high – we find it is process that best protects your result and our process is 1) DON’T PANIC and DON’T GIVE UP and then 2) an internal negotiation council is convened (our group in an emergency sitting), 3) where all and sundry throw in and out ideas and the best is selected through peer review.

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The structure we prefer for good advice is good process that facilitates the good advice to come from within with no unreasonable time pressures.

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Snakes n Ladders

It’s not really snakes and ladders if you follow a relatively simple process and use checklists that are proven to work.

All the questions and answers we put into checklists called Home Ratings which we used in all examples above. However, if we had of headed this article “Checklists and Processes” – you wouldn’t have read it – it’s too boring.

However, boring works for us in buying well brilliantly.

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First Time

Now is a perfect time to buy well. Be it your first home, your next home or your last home. It is simple, but seemingly not easy.

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