For some, balance is on a knife edge and for others balance can be on a wide floor with a safety net. That safety net is a supple mind.


For some, balance is on a knife edge and for others balance can be on a wide floor with a safety net. That safety net is a supple mind.

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January 2022 Early Market Thoughts

Welcome back to the 2022 Buy Sell Top End markets and what an interesting time it promises to be.


Hope you’re feeling good, we are.


A question – what do you think will be the buzzword for 2022?


For those that want to be successful in buying and/or selling we think it will be:




Definition: bending and moving easily and gracefully; flexible.


Supple will work for you in your dealings in the 2022 markets; with your individual transactions buying or selling, with the people you are connected to and with yourself.


Supple in almost all circumstances will work better than rigid in 2022.


Where are we now in January?


On one side of the market – the glass half empty crew see interest rate rises, omicron repercussions and a property opportunity peak that has been reached.


On the other side of the market – the glass half full crew feel more market opportunities are ahead of us, we are coming out of the pandemic and borders / opportunities are reopening.


The market feels it has a balance – volatile on an individual basis but a balance overall.


That is market sentiment. As we know when buying and selling there are 3 parts to the price in a buy/sell.


  • Sure, there is the overall market sentiment,
  • But also, the individual home’s PPP’s (A, B or C grader),
  • AND the individual buyer and seller circumstances of the time (luck, presentation, agent, method of sale, asking price and so on).


Your individual PPP’s. What’s hot and what’s not. For instance, you may need to be supple if you are buying or selling and it involves a builder (a reno).


And how about the individual deal circumstances. If you have sellers ready to go, agents ready to go and buyers ready to go and then bang ….. somebody gets Covid. That somebody could be the photographer, the seller, the underbidding buyer or you? Being supple will be better.


It’s often not “bad luck” that most harms your buy or sell, it’s how you (and your team) react to it. Maybe deep breath……. take stock…… be supple (flexible) ….. think clearly and like a great sportswoman alter course or even start your entire pre shot (pre-buy or pre-sell) routine all over again if needs be.


In 2022 good outcomes come from boring ‘ol good processes and good suppleness.


History says that for most of us, our buy and/or sell transactions in 2022, will not be exactly as we perceive them to be right now.


Either way or even another way or anyway, 2022 is sure to be interesting.

For some of us balance is on a knifes edge, atop a mountain ridge, a high wire act – for others our balance can be on a wide platform, a valley floor, with a large safety net. The difference is clarity of purpose and a supple mind.

So HNY to you anyway hey! 2021 was despite lockdowns our best on record.


Yeah, we don’t totally get it either and we genuinely feel for those that it wasn’t – if we can help our community in additional ways in 2022, please let us know!


Over the Christmas holiday break, we completed 5 more buy/sells ($16m). 3 of those were volcanoes (4 or more bidders). Historically during this time, we would have expected to do nothing – go figure!


As we stand today, we have the fullest book we have had going into any new year.

  • of buying clients,
  • of selling clients and
  • of buy/sell clients


We hear the negative stuff and yes, the overall markets have changed big time between October out of lockdown and December into Christmas, however that may have simply been a lull or a pause; a time for many to catch their collective breaths ……


OR …… yes it may have been a real and sustained turning point.


OR …… the market may or may not affect your buy or sell because other circumstances come to the front, so who cares…….


Anyway, by early March, we will all have a stronger inkling on the Top End trend moving up or down. Our first 100 Auction Test concludes around that time with Bidderman, Stock Level and Clearance Rate indicators telling where the market is truly at.


Whilst change is expected in 2022, some things will never change…people will still overpay as buyers or as sellers overquote the B and C-graders and get less…. And ….. true A-graders and their real values will remain elusive to those buyers and sellers, who have sleep in their eyes and confusion in their mind, post Australia Day 2022.


In 2022 it will be very possible for good things to happen. Hopefully that is the case for your family and for all our clients and friends, particularly in the medical profession. We support and salute you and we say thank you, as we do to all in essential services and doing it tough. Hang in there please – we genuinely hope you get a well-deserved break soon.


In our opinion you will have a lot higher chance of 2022 being a good year in home buying or selling, if you execute well to a clear plan, whilst remaining supple to change and/or opportunity.

Our December Results

James Buy Sell



James Buy



James Buy Sell



James Sell



James Buy Sell



James Buy









Hawthorn E




Off Market





Surrey Hills



Homes we are Selling now in early 2022


James Buy Rating 798/1000 North rear. Ready to move in.

South Yarra

James bought in 2016 – 10 bidders. North rear. Big land.

Hawthorn East

James Rating 705/1000 Clients upsized Grace Park.

Homes we are Buying now in early 2022

We have had a number of dealings with Craig Tiley and others within TA. We have found Craig to be one of the most decent, caring and professional people going around. Mal and Gina from James Buy Sell.

James Rating 705/1000 when bought in 2017. Clients have upsized to Grace Park.

Ready to move in – no council arguments, no waiting for a builder/architect forever and no blown budgets. This is a home for 2022 – the 3P’s (Position, Property and Price) make this an A-Grader for upsizers, downsizers, investors or families needing schools close by.

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Mentone $5m

Glen Iris $3m

Brighton $6m

Hawthorn $7m

Malvern East $6m

Middle Park $7m

Hampton $3m

Toorak $19m

Eaglemont $9m

Brighton $9m

Malvern East $7m

Hawthorn $5m

Elwood $5m

Armadale $4m

Sorrento $3m

Hawthorn $13m

Toorak $14m

Hampton $7m

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