• Find what you can’t now
  • Value how most don’t
  • Secure Top End Melbourne family homes



You’re probably here via personal referral, reading Marketnews or have seen us in action. Maybe you’re a doctor, a mum, time poor?


It’s 50/50 you’re local or OS/interstate. Perhaps its children and consideration of the changing spaces you now need?


You are here for advice. Not the ubiquitous general headline type. More bespoke advice that is omnipotent, that will make a difference at the Top End, as in your business, as in your life.


  • Compresses your time
  • Avoids learning costs
  • Jumps the growth queue, so you’re not falling behind the average.


Our clients rang us from overseas. In 2016 we found and bought the most expensive house ever bought in Victoria for them. It was at the top of the cycle.


Between 2017 to 2020 the market fell – yet during this time, 30% to 40% more was offered on this same home, without going to market, not once, but 3 times. Our fee was 1%. Different?


Our advice keys you into precincts, properties and prices you may not think possible.



(Our 5-star testimonials on results)


Two doctors had heard of us from colleagues and phoned to buy and sell well. 


We bought a home for $4m. Seven years later in 2021, that same home was sale managed by us off-market for $14m. 


The two doctors are great at doctoring and geniuses at listening, they are also a bit different.


Our clients were readers of Marketnews, when in 2014 we were engaged to buy a home for $5m in Bayside – we managed the sale of their previous home that same day.


Fast forward to 2021 – we sale managed their same home for over $15m, whilst buying them another. Our selling fee was nothing, we were paid by the buyer. We also sold for the that buyer, off-market. All 3 deals same day settlement. No banks. Great nest eggs. No media, no breaches of privacy. $29m in total.


Advice is different at the Top End?

6 WEeks Go to Whoa

Our clients were readers of Marketnews, when in Covid 2020 they rang us to buy and sell.


Six weeks later we had bought a new in Canterbury and sold the old in Kew. $3m each.


We ran side-by-side buy and sell campaigns to lower the risk. Same day settlement.


In our buy sells – we also advise on and manage the sale of many great homes. Some would say this isn’t one of them – we beg to differ.


Our client’s home is on the busiest street in Melbourne, on top of an industrial laundry and near a drug injecting room. We’d guess you say location, location, location.


We were referred in by our client’s friend when no buyers had been through with the previous selling agent. Our social media effort resulted in 70 inquiries, 5 multiple visits, 2 offers, sold at full ask a few months later.


Great advice is not the same, brave when it needs to be, granted not always this different.


We all like a good tip, we like it even more when it’s free. But who’s it coming from?


  • Well-meaning bad advice costs millions
  • Unknown agendas are often dangerous
  • Lack of expertise or experience in property doesn’t stop some from still giving.


Good Great advice is measurable, creates wealth, options and time.

Great advice lowers risk, mortgages & stress


  • Good growth made 150% and the advice cost 1.5%
  • This year’s rising market 10%, last year’s advice 1%
  • Good marketing made $500,000 – no extra fee
  • Don’t sell or don’t buy is free. Your savings 10%+
  • Agent outsmarting you – $750,000
  • Overcapitalizing renovations cost 50%, ‘no’ advice 1%
  • Poor offers lead to auction and EOI regrets


Compare your value and skills now to your first year of work.


Real estate agents are not emotional, nor on your side when buying. They are experienced everyday professionals, taking on the amateurs who choose to challenge them.

Test him (or her). Ask the questions. Go on.


Each right answer give yourself $100,000 bonus

Wrong one costs you a $million or you miss your dream you should have bought.


How did your friend go? Cost you or not? No peeking!


  • Which has the best growth rates, Fringe Suburbs or Iconic Heritage Precincts?

  • Rising Damp is more prevalent in Art Deco or Victorian homes?

  • The agent auction quotes are at times $1,000,000 under the result? Is that illegal? What will you do when time to offer? The next agent’s EOI quote is $1,000,000 above the result – would that be illegal?

  • Agents can receive 4 times the commission on the same home, at the same price, but with different buyers. True or False?

  • Expressions of Interest have a written set of rules which is the same for each agent within the same company. True or False?

  • Off Markets (non-advertised homes) generally need 4 things or they are not really for sale. What are they?

  • Off-markets are not that common?

  • Most homes are sold under the hammer at Auction. True or False?

  • Understanding your competition, when they say they have another buyer. Which Top End Melbourne suburbs are driven by Immigration and which by Interest Rates?

  • Under Victorian Law a selling agent can work for you the buyer and his seller equally. False or True?

  • Melbourne homes with land, grow at approx. 8% p.a. from the sale price? False or True.

  • When renovating we see buyers spend lots of money on their home to be worth the same or less. True or False?

  • The buyer or selling agent you are considering lives in a good home, in a good suburb and has investments in property. False or True?

  • So, the home you are looking at now- what’s it worth. Ask him or her. And then lets see how close they are post sale.

  • In 6 months will the market be up or down? Maybe 10% of your purchase price depends on your friends answer.




) Fringe  ) Art Deco  ) Mmmm both may be legal ) True  ) False  ) Contract, Price, Access and Authority ) About 50% of our business is off market ) False 80% of homes over $4m are not sold that way ) Albert Park is Interest Rates and Canterbury is Immigration and so on ) False  ) False  ) True ) If it’s James Buy Sell, then it’s True -:) If he or she gets it right three times in a row within 10% prior to the deal, listen to them ) Nobody but Captain Lucky knows where the market is going – further reading.


  • Find what you can’t
  • Value how most don’t
  • Secure not miss
  • Compress your learning time.


Are these compelling reasons for you? Is now the time to act? Our Top End advice proves benefit over cost, is free whilst you test (low risk), and will get to a place you are not now.


Ring us (text if you prefer) to outline your dreams or tell of the home you’ve found. We will respond confidentially and expeditiously if you take this step.


Like others, a small amount of trust in the advice from Gina and Mal, with some boldness on your part, will get you to a different Top End result, beginning if you agree, today!


Ring now. How can we help and what do you really, really want? Thank you for your time.