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This is the Opening Market 2022. Many Lookers. Fewer Bidders.

44 St Vincent Place Albert Park
Passed in: $9,500,000 VB
0 bidders  Photo: Catherine Ross

Time for a Mexican


Mexican (Waves): Can occur twice a year: Labour Day to Easter and Footy Finals to the Cup.


They are where agent led PR stories begin to appear in the papers, at the end of your phone and on social media; with the point of creating some momentum selling of trophy homes.


Mexican (Waves) are powerful energies that live in the Ultra Top End of Melbourne real estate, dormant for much of time, only to occasionally and suddenly awake, as they do at The G.


We abbreviate to Mexican, are excited when we see one building and this is how they work.


1.Opening Stanza are side of mouth whispers about what may be coming to market quietly.


2.The Wave Build by the protagonists, is a balancing act of credible rumours (sales & prices behind closed doors) with the reality of what the punters see on the street (sold stickers).


3.Crescendo & Climax ….the results incited (or not) are secondary to this living, moving group organism ……… however as quickly as a Mexican can rise, its puff can drift, the intensity drop ….. and so, it lies dormant again until circumstances reignite….…. the next time around.

A Mexican starts gently with some lite prosaic gossip.


It is then nurtured by a few Ultra Top End agents, who know and can carry out the proven repetitive actions needed.


These artisans finish with a passion plan of magic ……… screaming emotions, hands in the air and index fingers on computer screens ……. some on-market but most silently (until cooling-off is over) off-market.


A bold result becomes a new whisper, and the wave strengthens. It’s often only a Mexican that inspires some classic homes to surface and some serious buyers to awake.


A truly flying Mexican also highlights the craftsperson’s art of luminating with innuendo, an unknown path, that points to a light in the distance.


This illumination brightens, as an unlikely guild of agents work together (consciously and subconsciously); even though they have competing interests, even though their comments differ, even though in many cases they dislike each other….to show each buyer and seller where that light in the distance really could be.

In 2022 Mexicans, with this bi-annual wildebeest migration timing, will have either a La Niña or El Niño filtering effect on the rest of the Melbourne market….. actually, on the rest of Melbourne.


In 2022 if one builds, then all of us will walk a little taller – as we feel safe in the presence of a bigger positive life force – that group organism, a living thing of wonderment that elucidated into the stratosphere at Easter and again just before the Cup in 2021.


(For the previous few years things had been limp whilst cruising at far lower intensities.)


So mujeres and hombres crank it up and begin whispering sweet nothings into all our ears please.


Noble stories for buyers (releasing of new stock), virtuous narratives for sellers (offer momentum) and great yarns for the rest of us (dreams can still happen).


It really does feel like this week has spun somewhat better at the Ultra Top End and maybe we are at the beginning of something special….. maybe a pre-Easter Mexican…… maybe it was just me.


Adios Amigos

This week's Mexicans

Joanna Nairn

Sold over $8m

Scott Patterson

Sold over $8m

The Tomlinsons

Under offer over $8m


Marcus Chiminello

Sold over $35m


Marty Fox

Under offer over $15m


Chris Barrett

Under offer over $15m

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