Mo is here

by Gina Kantzas and Mal James

Sunday, November 1st, 2020

What a great week, what an absolute bottler Melbourne. It’s good to see so many of us out and about and back! Yeah, we’re back!


Mo is really here this week and it feels so gooood.


Mo through our 2020 Marketnews headlines:


Anzac Day we wrote: Victorians are a resilient bunch after all and if the pundits think the markets will go down, then history shows the market will probably go up.


Straight Talk June 27th we wrote: The things we all want to get better, can get better and get better quicker with Belief, Trust, Fluidity.


STAGE 4 Report September 9th we wrote: There is a very strong feeling, that overall it is going to be ok, the markets will start out from Lockdown 2 hot and next year is too far away to be thinking about!


October 3rd we wrote: Everybody has their senses open for the 3 Big Mo’s  – Momentum, Money & Mosaic (diversity of results). The Biggest Mo – Momentum – not here yet, but we are all looking for it.


doommoodboom October 17th we wrote:. Three clear indicators that the Spring birdsong is enveloping many, not all, but more than you may think: Agents are positive, Buyers are on the phone, Sellers are listing.


Last week we wrote: Results matter and they are happening and we highlighted a sample.


And now this week:


Mo is alive and well and right here in Melbourne in so many ways. Mo is Momentum.


Mo can also be Money and Mosaic (diversity). Mo is also Movement in price and transactions, both of which are definitely increasing in the 2nd half of 2020.


Mo is Mood and we are in the midst of a mini boom – our A and B – grader Inner Melbourne house market is actually booming at all price levels – it really is. A-grader defined as, 3Ps are good/market = Position + Property + Price.


Anecdotally last week our first ‘biggie’ buy over the line since the first week of lockdown 2. This week we will make five real offers on $18million of property and we may not get them all.


The Melbourne Cup (our tip Etah James – of course) property market is awash with positivity and next year (early) is looking ok AND next year has to be considered. Santa is revving her new sun-powered reindeer, leaving the starting grid in less than 8 weeks. Yep Santa – 8 weeks.


Deals are being done, dreams are being realigned and much needed taxes will be flowing back into our government coffers.


For the one and only time in our lives, we are happy to be paying tax again, happy to be caught in traffic and late for an appointment and happy to be queuing for a coffee.


We can promise you that won’t last, but maybe your optimism will, for right now in Melbourne there is:

Flow and Zoning

Some years ago, Mal asked me to accompany him to a house inspection. It was an absolutely stunning, renovated property, priced just over $6 million. Our clients were keen to buy. Mal was completing his rating and I was there to offer design feedback. After that visit, Mal suggested to the clients NOT to purchase.


Why would we turn clients away from a beautiful looking premium property? It all came down to flow and zoning. It is imperative to look beyond the latest decorating trends to the actual house and how it works. Or in this case, how it didn’t work.


To understand flow and zoning, imagine yourself in a kitchen preparing a cup of tea. The kettle will be near a tap, the cups and the tea just a step or two away. If any of these components are not convenient to one another, then the simple act of making a cuppa becomes a frustrating chore.


Moving through this beautiful home felt confusing. The children’s bedrooms were scattered throughout the home; along secondary passageways, some upstairs and far removed from bathrooms. Individually they were all nice rooms, but they were in the wrong places.


The flow didn’t work. Nor did the zoning. Although different qualities, flow and zoning often work hand in hand. This beautiful looking home may have worked for a family with older children, but our clients were at the babes in arms stage of life. They needed a home that would take them through all stages.


‘Flow’ is how you move through the spaces. Is it natural or confusing? Flow works well with minimal changes in direction. We consider flow in terms of moving both between and within rooms of the home. Will movement through the room impact the use of that room? Does it feel natural or awkward?


‘Zoning’ is aligning related activities. Are bedrooms near a bathroom or will you need to parade through the living room in your towel? Service zones such as the kitchen, need to relate to dining areas. This may sound like common sense, but sadly sometimes common sense goes astray as other whiz bang features take over.


When the flow and zoning is right the home feels easy and comfortable. Often people can’t say why, it just feels right.  It is not a matter of budget or style. It’s a matter of design.


Footnote: we continued to work with those clients and found them the right forever home that happened to cost less!

A few thank you's - let's start with Susmita to you

MBA fundraiser fully subscribed!

Overseas Students haven’t had the best of times recently.


Marketnews readers took a stand and said you will help. Thank you so much.


In a fortnight you raised $24,200. THE FULL AMOUNT REQUIRED


Here is the exact breakdown


$24,200.00 Raised with almost 100 donors

$1,987.95   GoFundMe and Credit Card or 8.15%

$22,412.05   Deposited into special James Buy Sell CBA Account

$11,150.00   Already Paid to Kaplan Business School for 3 subjects below

$11,262.05   Remains in special James Buy Sell CBA Account


We are currently waiting for Susmita to finalise her last 3 of her 2021 subjects – 3 weeks ago she didn’t think this would happen and wasn’t thinking that far ahead, so we expect that may take another week or two. 1 of those 3 subjects maybe with another business school due to timing of her Student Visa extension. We have been assured by Kaplan all will be sorted. When it has, a full receipt will be issued and published here on Marketnews.

A second thank you - from our family to you

We sincerely want to thank our State’s leadership for where we are today. The medical, the business, the union, the media and the political leadership on all sides – thank you. We have all made mistakes, but we have been blessed with open reviews and people who have simply got on with the job of trying their best to protect us all.


There are the obvious names and faces and they deserve praise and they will get it – but there is also you. And you deserve our gratitude.


We and our parents, grandparents, our wider families and all of us at James Buy Sell want to thank you sincerely, for everything you have done to keep us from the health abyss, we have faced.


We know it’s not over – but one or two beers has been in order this week. Well done.


Sincerely thank you.  Gina, Simone, Maddie, Mal, Randall, Kathy and Phoebe.