20 Learnings in 20 years

This week we have another incredible story – Ordinary Genius.


A Brighton couple who started with nothing, except some dreams and now, WOW, in 20 years they’ve gone from a $480,000 cottage to a $8,000,000 lifestyle paradise.


How? – They tell you personally the concepts that got them there.


Read it a few times, there is a lot of wisdom, in a short poem.


As well, why not watch their company video (I’ve watched it 5 times) – yes they are a Bayside Melbourne family and yes they started from scratch and yes you could do it, if you wanted to – if you truly follow your dreams.


However, it’s not their home success admired most – it’s more that they had a go, stuffed a few things up and kept going; whilst always remaining true to themselves, to their family AND to their combined dreams.


These are not the stories that cover the pages of the mainstream media and yet these are the very stories that we might be needing to hear right now, in this pandemic – they are truly inspirational.


Two geniuses – completely ordinary – and their children, completely extraordinarily normal.


Our definition of a Melbourne rock star, home success family.

ordinary genius

by Mal James & Gina Kantzas

Saturday, September 12th, 2020

When Bruce and Karyn bought Albert Park in the winter of 2000, they were teachers, starting a family and a business, called Grande Exhibitions.


Un friggin believable, good news, Aussie ingenuity, from absolutely nothing and never been done before, now worldwide company.


We have a 20+ year journey together and we are batting 8 deals done (5 buys and 3 sells) from 8 attempts – however we are not the magic, we are simply the managers.


Their story is so uplifting – watch this video for a minute, watch the whole lot!

Bruce and Karyn have three children, ranging from teenagers to young adults.


Currency hardships, GFC, different cultures, growing family and now the pandemic.


20 years ago, we had no idea they could achieve this, I wasn’t expecting this. WOW!


  • Bought in 2000 – Danks St Albert Park – $480,000.
  • Sold that two years later for $721,000 (nothing done, went up $10,000 a month).
  • Then bought and sold and bought and sold (twice) in Sandringham – each one better.
  • 2017 the family bought Asling Street Brighton below – close to $8,000,000.

Our Asling Street Brighton 2017 rating was 526/1000


Brilliantly finished home with all any family could want and few actually get  – in an improving area with four key positional challenges – on block position to north light, out the back railway / out the front is a feeder road with speed humps; all in a position that could have neighbouring growth challenges due to its proximity to the activity area.


It’s risk versus reward in the classic of circumstances. The reward is a great and rare offering outside the Golden Mile and Middle Brighton Crescents at a 50% discount versus the risk of the future unknown in terms of value.


 If the home is your outcome and the occasional train noise is OK – then buy it, as it is rare, very rare. If a conservative financial outcome is your nature, then pass as the future is unknown (but hey you won’t get as good an offering as this again in a hurry)


You need all three working for you on this one – your mind, your heart and your gut.


Good luck because it’s a challenge to decide and then I have no doubt it will be a challenge to buy against both the agent/seller and other buyers.


This is rare for Brighton – but in many ways it is Brighton – entertain, space, coffee and tennis and family.


Buying Agent: James Buy Sell


Selling Agent: Stefan Whiting, David Hart Buxton


Bruce and Karyn climbed the beanstalk of belief.


How did Bruce and Karyn with nothing but an idea, some goolies and a lot of hard work, end up in an $8million home, with a tennis court, in prime Brighton?