Spectemur Agendo

by Gina Kantzas, Mal James and Kathy Russell

Saturday, September 18th, 2021

Back and full on! Seriously frantic for all agents!

The old school motto above – they’ve always wanted to keep my presence at Camberwell Grammar a secret for some reason!!


Anyway, market actions will talk a lot more than any words in the next few weeks – hence the title of today’s marketnews. Let’s see where the roller coaster takes us. 


Great to be out. Good luck to you all.

27 Myrtle St Hampton - Virtual Auction Today

27 Myrtle St Hampton
SOI: $2,500,000
Auctioneer: Rod Richardson

Sales Agent: Jenny Dwyer
Bidders: 8
Attendees: 24
Opening Bid: $2,425,000
On Market: $2,600,000
Sold under the Hammer Price: $2,790,000


Kathy Russell

$ 0
$ 0
Above Quote

All agent photos taken from outside.

First 24 hours, on this home, 1 on 1 visits


Gina and Mal in first 24 hours

All agents were respecting 1 on 1, masks and sanitiser. No agents inside.

Hampton, Surrey Hills, Glen Iris, South Yarra, Camberwell, Malvern East. 

Gina and I physically looked at 7 homes, narrowed down from around 50 virtual tours. 

Virtual is now a permanent part of our toolkit for prioritising. As well we are cognisant of spread and unnecessary visits; many of our clients work within our health systems.

Listen for a few seconds, down low, then begin Money, Value and Price when ready.

Money, Value and Price

The government has just presided over the largest debt deficit creation in history and many of us see a positive future, the sky doesn’t appear to be falling in. We have just committed to another huge deficit to realign our military priorities, to defend ourselves against a supposed failed system of economic management – communism. 2001, was panic stations, the GFC was panic stations, the global pandemic is/was panic stations. Yet here we are.


The price you need to pay for a home now, would have been laughed at 10 years ago, 4 years ago, even 12 months ago. We read we have just lost the equivalent to Wodonga in population and our international borders are shut and yet home prices are going up – Adam Smith what do you say about those demand/supply apples buddy.


We measure the value of a home in bricks and mortar and land. Why is the dirt in Toorak worth more than in Castlemaine? Why is it we measure dirt and bricks only, what about how we feel, safety, convenience, mindset? Well we do, we just don’t say we do, because how much is a kilo of emotion or a square metre of mental health worth? We just add it to the price of the dirt…. cos….. well…… because that’s what you do.


Hopefully, we’ve mostly done our time and the parole we are now on is permanent. Hopefully, you and your family have made it through as unscathed as possible. We are genuinely sorry if you haven’t.


None of us here enjoyed this last lockdown at all, in fact we struggled. However, it’s not in any way fake or spin to say we are looking forward to what’s ahead, we are positive about the future and life feels pretty good now. Why? Why not? Very little is as it seems or what we’ve been told, so there is every chance it’s actually good, rather than not so good.


Hang in there, you could be about to start the greatest years of your life.

A few seconds, a few good breaths and then on for your great day!