Winding Down

by Gina Kantzas and Mal James

Saturday, November 28th, 2020

Big V & the Big V

As 2020 begins its wind down to a close, we would like to say just how lucky we feel to be part of the Melbourne community.


Whilst it’s not all over Red Rover, we have by some measures eradicated for now, the Big V from the Big V and if 2020 has done anything, it has proven to some and reinforced to others, that we live in one of the best communities in the world.


We have a brilliant health system – are you not sure – go to Africa, Europe, Asia or the Americas.


We have first rate political leadership (on both sides) – are you not sure – go to Africa, Europe, Asia or the Americas.


We have a free and open press – check out this week’s offering in the dailies


We have a great climate (we’re into diversity), great restaurants, great education and ……..


And we are a smart and cohesive community – yes not perfect, so let’s not get ahead of ourselves – but compared to the obvious out there, we are not overtly exercising our “rights” to kill each other en masse, on a daily basis, be it with guns, no masks or ideology. Yes we have issues requiring attention – but wow, Melbourne is a great place to live.


In Melbourne in 2020, we thank each and every one of you sincerely for everything you have done this year to keep our families, our society, our community which we love; strong and safe! Well done, it’s been in some ways a great year.

Markets - what's happening?

In a nutshell and from our patch – high end Inner Melbourne, East and Bayside


  • Not as much as last year


  • More than some may think


  • Better than predicted


Overall the pandemic has seemingly had a greater effect on those on lower incomes, than those on higher incomes and that has translated into home buying.

Some $2M+ this week

James @ Auction last 2 weeks

5 Bidders, 4 Bidders, 2 Bidders and 2 Bidders.

Ultra Top End

This Melbourne home – a truly great home – sold in a shoot-out north of $20 million and the quote, mid-week. We went through it and it was worth every cent of that. Well done Richard Mackinnon and Fraser Cahill, Marshall White and the buyer and seller.

November for James Buy Sell

In November we have transacted (bought and sold) over $40 million worth of homes – our best financial month for the year. Are we boasting? Perhaps, but the real point is to highlight the activity behind the scenes and by the way, we are not the largest company going around.

What does this all mean?

It means, it is actually as good as agents predicted in our recent Market Report and are saying now AND it’s never as bad as economists and your Uncle Ron tells you it will be.

Next Year - Top End - Feels OK

There is a definite feeling of winding down into Christmas after a strong post lockdown burst of activity. January is starting to feel it will be busier than its normal quiet self with some mop ups and off-markets – however its now not feeling there will be as much activity, as most of us predicted mid lockdown.


So, January activity is a question mark? We are full on till Christmas and planning to open earlier in January 2021, than we did in 2020 and 2019.


And February? The markets feel like they will start well out of the blocks, as they tend to every year, after that who knows, but it feels better than 50/50 its going to be OK.

Bouquets to Alice Stolz and Daniel Butkovitch

We’ve been known to throw a brickbat or two in 2020, nonetheless, we are also capable of handing out bouquets and two such warranted ones, are in the Property Media.


Domain is in the caper of paid advertorials dressed up as independent thought or TV week type stuff of who’s sleeping with, who’s selling with, who divorcing from and who got ripped off by and yeah we read them too….. but in amongst that are some quality pieces of property journalism. Two such journalists that produce those pieces are:


Daniel Butkovich – this guy makes sense and gives you well-constructed opinions, arguments and conclusions. No agendas – genuine advice. Read them, they are good.

We like Alice – one of the genuinely nice people in our industry. Her podcasts are insightful and instructional and may not have the Scottie exaggerations, but for us, that’s a good thing.

Next week is our 2020 Bumper Final Christmas Edition - stocked full of goodies AND we promise the article on Multi-lists and how it really does work in 2021. Been busy!

Finally, two clients were kind to us, and we are grateful.


We do believe in what we do and we do try very hard, so it was uplifting to get that very positive reinforcement, when it would have been so easy for that person(s) to have gone another way.


Thank you.