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Brighton is Booming

In Brighton in the last week or so – approximately. $6m, $6m, $6m, $4.5m (plus a $6m a month ago), $4.5m, $10m, $3.5m, $3.5m, $17m (not quite last week) and near $17m (yes last week)

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Straight Talk

The things we all want to get better, will get better and get better quicker with

1. Belief
2. Trust
3. Fluidity

Today we will try and show you how

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The Work Begins

We believe that our existence is not all about profit.

Our purpose: To make a positive difference

Our ethic: Do unto others as we would want done unto us

Our way: The balanced middle is enough.

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I’m liking now a lot

This market is turning into an interesting one. 

It’s becoming a market where a mum and a dad and a family can set themselves up for life. Many good times come out of how you manage the difficult times, the decisions you make, the actions you take.

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Post Covid Different

We feel it’s time to communicate differently.

We have felt for a while that our headlines, our stats and our comments were beginning to join the noise, rather than truly help you separate from it.

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Let’s Dig Down

Stats and comparisons to past years aren’t really all that helpful – negative headlines or even positive predictions about the future, don’t actually get your home bought or sold.

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