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A normal family, living in Malvern nearly a decade ago, made a directional change, one based on pure and free emotion AND in 2020, it seems to have worked.

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Those that understand the value of provenance; want to know the history of a Namatjira or a Renoir; the restorers’ qualifications on an original Eames or Benz and the likely expected future condition of a Grange or a Rothschild – before they purchase.

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Brighton is Booming

In Brighton in the last week or so – approximately. $6m, $6m, $6m, $4.5m (plus a $6m a month ago), $4.5m, $10m, $3.5m, $3.5m, $17m (not quite last week) and near $17m (yes last week)

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Straight Talk

The things we all want to get better, will get better and get better quicker with

1. Belief
2. Trust
3. Fluidity

Today we will try and show you how

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