Brighton is Booming

by Mal James & Gina Kantzas

Saturday, July 25th, 2020

Market in a Minute - Brighton

With apologies to all whose copyright this video spoof we made, probably breached. We think the song is by Scardies – Scared Weird Little Guys?

What a brilliant week!

Yes, in the last week, in Brighton.


A $6m sale,


Another $6m sale


And another very near $6m sale


That’s after a $4.5m sale, one street off Brighton, where a month ago there was another $6m sale.


That’s after we’d heard of another $4.5m sale a few streets away from that, THIS WEEK!

The insight is High End Sales


The trend is New Completed not Period Homes in need of a reno


The opinion is Wow Brighton in July

But wait there is more


This week in Brighton there was also a $10m sale AND


2 really good buys and sells at $3.5million


All bar one of these were on NORMAL sized, Brighton blocks.

Still more in Brighton this week

We also received a drone image of $17,000,000 worth of sales in Rose St Brighton – 6 normal sized blocks – all for knockdown – all have transacted since Covid lockdown Mark 1.


But hold on Mal and Gina, that is not this week – you just received the news this week.


Fair cop, then what about a near $17million sale that actually happened in BRIGHTON – THIS WEEK.


Oh, you mean the one that actually did happen. Yep. In Kinane St.

Brighton this week (sort of)

$6m, $6m, $6m, $4.5m (plus a $6m a month ago), $4.5m, $10m, $3.5m, $3.5m, $17m (not quite last week) and near $17m (yes last week)


With thx to Stefan Whiting, Andrew Campbell, Simone Howell, Zed Nasheet, Claudia Michaels, Sam Taylor, Stephen Smith, Nick Johnstone and other active agents.

Mainstream Media Today


Is the info relevant to you?

Last week in the Marketnews article on Melbourne Property Investing we talked about:


When you are told the hotspot has gone up 11%, three years in a row, because of interest rate drops and now is a great time to buy as prices will go up again. That’s an insight with a trend and an opinion, all surrounded by a prediction.


It’s all information.


If you drive at speed whilst drinking on an ice covered road, your fuel gauge will tell you how much petrol you have left, your oil light will say things are ok and your air conditioner will tell you it’s a comfy 22 degrees Celsius inside.


It’s all information.


Our best advice about Melbourne Property Information – is it important and is it relevant TO YOU?

Opinions and Insights

An Opinion from an Insight


Opinion: The Market for completed new homes (almost all were) is BOOMING In BRIGHTON.


Insight: In Brighton and nearby in the last week or so – approximately – $6m, $6m, $6m, $4.5m (plus a $6m a month ago), $4.5m, $10m, $3.5m, $3.5m, $17m (not quite last week) and near $17m (yes last week)


Another Opinion from a Different Insight


Opinion: We are in for a Melbourne Property CATASTROPHE


Insight: The areas of Melbourne where house prices fell most in COVID-19


An Opinion from an Insight


James Buy Sell had a record July Week and the market is BOOMING


At James Buy Sell this week we bought one off-market and missed one – both against other bidders – at $2.5m and $3m. (Jesse Raeburn and Brendan Walker, The Agency – really good, up front, young agents)


Another Opinion from a Different Insight


Normally at James Buy Sell we are on holidays in July and we are travelling in Europe – so any week with a deal in July when compared to other Julys would make it a record July in 2020.

Graphs and Opinions

Brighton This Week
Not Great Great
Rest of Top End
Not Great Great

Some of those who are looking at the Macro AND the Micro are seeing that this buy and sell market is one you can work within, however if you think you can’t, then you can’t.


We may not agree with you – and that’s ok.


Thank you for reading





We continue to say thank you to our brave health workers – please keep doing what you are doing – you are so impressive.


Thank you to our leaders Dan Andrews and Scott Morrison and thank you also to our opposition leaders Anthony Albanese and Michael O’Brien. You all seem to really care about Victorians – well that is our opinion when we see the USA insights on how their leadership is going.


You can disagree with us and that’s ok too.

Dolphins in Brighton this morning July 25 2020

Why James?

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