July 1, 2022

crunch time coming?

Since 2006, we have reported on Melbourne Top End markets via Marketnews. This week we are introducing some continuing improvements – commencing with our pre-game show next week (May 7) on Melbourne’s second seasonal (but election interrupted) market – the May Market. Hope you like these changes, feedback welcome mailto:[email protected]


Today’s snapshot: There is no doubt that the mainstream media is increasingly reporting the winds of change. Those winds actually began a full six months ago on Cup Day 2021.


So, whilst some are late to this news, marketnews readers have been operating with knowledge of this, for that full six months. December 4 2021 article on Divergence.


What may this mean? Over the next few weeks you will find out, but here’s a sneak peek.  


You can still Buy Sell Well.


Even if you’re nervous buying /selling now – and fair enough as May is traditionally (with October) the year’s most capricious months – it’s still good for many:


  • Less bidders,
  • Better changeovers (when upsizing) and
  • Still a modicum of good stock around before the winter and possibly market hibernation comes.

AND by the way, I know we are contrarians on many things and yes 20% of our buying clients have gone into self-chosen mothballs this month, BUT at JAMES BUY SELL we have just come off a huge week and our best Easter month EVER!


A-Graders never die, they never sleep, they never stop being incredibly attractive to us and our clients in any market.


See you next week – and the result from our main video – is up on the small video on your left (yep, our client’s got it). Well done to Greg Hocking, Simon Gowling and Max Mercuri of Jellis Craig who bravely marketed this brilliant home during Easter. Great result for our buying clients (C&C) and the sellers and them!

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