August 14, 2022

Timeless Advice Matters

Timeless Advice Melbourne

We started with one couple (R&L) in 2005 on a $1m buy. We started with the other couple (J&C) in 2013 on a $2m sell. We completed for both in Lockdown with $38m of buy sells.

There were only two buy sell transactions.

One couple we bought, they transformed, we sold and bought again.

The other couple we sold and bought, they transformed and we sold and bought again.



Buy and sell is not our above clients’ day jobs.

All 4 are in the medical field and came independently as marketnews readers.

The homes we/they selected were A-Grade rated, family homes.



Both took a year to complete the buy and sell with 3-10 month negotiations.

One we sold off-market on a long settlement and then bought via EOI to match timing.

The other we bought off-market and then sold through a public EOI to match timing.



R&L and J&C initiated phone calls in Lockdown, we hadn’t spoken for 7 & 10 years. We don’t pester. In both cases, off-markets were involved.

A memorable dinner last weekend at the aptly named Provenance, Beechworth.

Mutually beneficial relationships. Thx M&G 

Was this magic/luck or did RLJ&C do what anybody could’ve done in their 30/40/50/60’s? They chose:

  • The right PPP’s. Family home A-Graders
  • The right People. Advocates. Architects. Financial
  • The right actions at key times. Clarity. Advice. Negotiate

Are your /Reports  /Values /Strategies evidence-based?


Hold 'em, Fold 'em, Walkaway Buying

Auction Report: 15 Loch St. Kilda (Oliver Bruce and Ben Manolitsas). Quote was actually full at $6m to $6.5m and on the market at $6.75m. We fought it out till $7.75m – $1m over a real reserve. This truly was a big number, hats off to Oli and Ben and well done to the buyer – too good.

Auction Report: 48 Bellett Camberwell (Judy Balloch and Scott Patterson). Quote was $3.2m to $3.5m and passed into us at $3.520m and sold at $3.525m. 2 bidders. A balanced result.

Saying No Matters

full story below

Auction Report: Did not sell

Saying No Matters

full story below

Auction Report: 16 Queens Glen Iris (Mark Lawson). Quote was higher at first and then settled to $2.9m to $3.19m. We are glad to have bought it for our clients. No bidding to match our opening $3.0m bid and passed in and we agreed at $3.15m. Really good product – we felt comfortable with agent, the reports and due diligence we did and our clients bought an excellent, high-quality, long-term home.